Saturday, March 26, 2016

Dungarvan Sensei Mulcahy & O'Deá on the way to Nuremberg.

Sensei Brian Mulcahy and Sensei Ciarán O'Deá will be heading to Nuremberg on Friday the 1st of April to compete in the SKUN European championships. Brian & Ciaran has been studying shotokan ryu since 1986 -1989, they're dedicated to insuring the future of Dungarvan karate club.Members of Dungarvan karate club will have the opportunity to train,compete and grade internationally.We hope in the future Dungarvan will have more Ireland representatives.keep training.  

How better to motivate your students than setting an example.We teach ,explain and have a no nonsense approach to Karate.If it doesn't work for use we wont teach it.We both are very competitive and we have a club saying  that we use when things get tough," If they want it ,give it to them".This means we will do your best whether its grading ,competitions or training we will keep going.This is the way we train our students and this is why Dungarvan karate club is well regarded where ever we go. Dungarvan karate club give our students confidence, self esteem and pride in there achievements.This from a self defense aspect gives the Dungarvan students choices on how to deal with situations.
Great work being done preparing for grading,the standard is relay picking up.We have another few weeks to relay sharpen our skill and we need to be training twice a week.Home practice is very important and we hope that everyone is practicing.Grading is toward the end of April.

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