Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Grading success

Students competing in National championships,seminars with kato Sensei in Passage west and two grading s before we finished up for the summer.

 Students at Shu bu kan dojo traveled to fermoy for a grading examination under Sensei Toomey 7th Dan.they worked very hard and passed with ease.L: Sensei Ciaran O'Dea. R: Sensei Brian Tomey.
Group two.What a grading one of the hardest grading I have witnessed in many years.Student were asked to do all their previous kata and kihon as well as what was required.They all passed with flying colors.L: Sensei O'Donovan 6th Dan.M:Sensei O'Dea & Sensei Mulcahy.R: Sensei toomey 7th Dan.
Students queing up to get their belts from Sensei O'Dea.This is what its all about.osu

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