Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Back after a great year.

Dungarvan karate club is back after our summer break and what a year we had.Instructors competing in the 2015 IJKA World championships.

Sensei Mulcahy  flying the Irish flag .
Brian on the podium receiving his medal for 3rd place in the IJKA world championships.
Sensei O'Dea got into the second round of the tournament which was an amazing achievement and a demonstration of karate spirit as Ciaran ruptured his Achilles tendon two weeks prior to competing. Ciaran fighting a Turkish fighter.Osu
Sensei Ciaran O'Dea and sensei Brian Mulcahy in Istanbul Judging and reffing at the IJKA world championshipe 2015 this is an amazing achievement for the club to have both instructors competeting and being officals in a world event.brian on the right in the picture achieved 3rd in Kumite,what an achievement.Osu
IJKA Ireland Team and the Japan karate team in Istanbul.the Irish team achieved 52 medials with 32 competitors and our own Sensei Mulcahy achieved a 3rd in Kumite which is an amazing achievement.

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