Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sensei Hassell Teaches in Pilltown.

LtoR Senpai Mulcahy,Tommi,Sensei Hassell, Abhaigha,Louise,Megan,Senpai O'Dea
I would like to Thank Sensei Hassell for his instruction .Osu
Hi All,
Some members  from the Dungarvan Dojo traveled to Pilltown for a kumite training event under the Masterful instruction of Sensei Hassell.The focus of the training was on basic kumite techniques, foot work and distraction techniques.Its amazing quite simple techniques become difficult when trying to achieve your own personal goals of excellence.below are a few pictures from the event.

Abhaigh and Louise fully focused at the goal at hand.

Sensei O'Donnell and Louise and Abhaigha.

Megan and Tommi under the watchful eye of Sensei Hassell.

Tommi wipes his brow thank God he stopped looking at me.

Abhaigha: when will it be my turn!

Megan fully committed to her punching.

Tommi was the only student to be complemented on his punching and this included the instructors!

We endeavor over this year to attend as many events as is possible with the cost,distance and benefit full in mind.We have 3 events coming very close together the first is Sensei Byrns Competition on the 28th of Feb,the Sensei Kato Course in March 9-11 in Fermoy and The Saint Patricks Day parade.This years goal is to give the students the best we can give.
Osu Ciarán. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Picture of Dungarvan Karate Club after latest grading.
Hi all
As you know MSKA are hosting a Kumite progression training course in Piltown Community centre on January 28th from 11am to 1pm with Sensei Hiroshi Ken Hassell 6th Dan.
Course content :  Evasive technique's and counter
                          Correct Distance and set up of technique's
                          Two person reaction drill's
                          kumite training drill's
LtoR: Senpai Mulcathy,Sensei Toomey,Senpai O'Dea
                          Questions & Answers (student and instructors are encouraged to ask Sensei Hassell  questions to advance their coaching or training).


       Under 8's  first hour                        = €10
       Under 18's  11am to 1pm               =  €15
       Seniors 18 and over 11am to 1pm    = €20
Anyone planning to go to this event please contact me and let me know.

LtoR: Sensei Hassell,Sensei Williams,Senpai O'Dea,Sensei Johnson.
Osu Ciarán.