Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kid Karate Class

Every Saturday morning we hold a Kids Karate class in the Dungarvan Scouts Den between 11:00am-12:00am all are welcome first class is free!

Guro O'Dea 1st Dan Kombatan with Mastero Pablo 6th Dan Kombatan.
Ciarán is slowly introducing Kombatan into the Karate classes so students can defend them self's and to expand their Martial-Arts experience.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Grading success

Members of Dungarvan Karate who graded
missing are Leanne,Michael and John
Instructors: Sensei Power (R)Sensei Toomey (1stR) Senpai O'Dea (M) Senpai Mulacthy  (L)

Well done to every one who turned out for their grading in Abbeyside Scouts Den! We are delighted with the standard that every one achieved on the day.We had 10 grading on the day 3 achieving their 12kyu(white belts)  4 achieving  their 11kyu(Orange Belts) 2 achieving their 10kyu(Orange with Black Stripe) and 1 achieving his 5kyu(Purple Belt) so it was a great day for Dungarvan karate club.
Johns first Belt
Leanne First Belt
Michael s First belt 
We also have changed the way belts are given to the students in the past students would have to purchase the belts themselves! Now we supply them when the grading is completed this makes it more rewarding for the students.Grading costs remain at a very low price €25 including Belt for seniors and juniors alike.
The three little women awaiting the grad.

All student received their sighed grading books from "IJKA"(International Japan Karate-Do Association) Chief Irish examiner Sensei Toomey 6th Dan.
Junior Grading  Jodan Oi Zuki (Face Punch)

"White belts are King" many people outside the martial arts community and also within  frown on the white belt grade because its the first belt and it means that you have little experience so they change the white belt to an other colour as it looks better or it hides your actual abilities.
In Shu-Bu-Kan karate we believe the White Belt to be one of the most important grade for a club and an Organisation as it represents a new beginning for a student and it means that a club like ours has a future because all who pass there first grade have the potential to become Black belts and in turn become Instructors and go on to have there own clubs and students. Without White belts there would be no Karate-do?
So why not become a White belt because we need you!

Sensei Toomey teaching before the Grading
Senpai Mulcathy giving the last few pointers to the girls.

I would Like to remind everyone we train twice a week in the Dungarvan Scouts Den 11:00am to 12:00am Saturday and in the Abbeyside scouts Den on Wednesday 8:10pm to 9:10pm any one returning to Shotokan karate after many years or anyone new, the first class is free and its a pay as you train system,hope to see you their!


During the junior grading Mae Geri (front snap kick) 
White belt kumite: Blocking Agu Uke (rising block) in standing position
This is harder than it looks!
Mark practicing Heian Yondan before his grading.