Saturday, April 16, 2011

Take the Quick karate test

Hi all,

Please view the video below as we at "Dungarvan karate club" believe this is the most accurate test of your abilities as a Martial arts practicioner or a future student of the Dungarvan Dojo .....

This video should be viewed in full screen with the speakers on!

We are currently working towards 2 very important events for the Shu-Bu-Kan Dojo at the moment the first is the "IJKA" Irish open championships in Fermoy on the 1st of May (Info Below).



OFFICIALS : 10.30AM         JUNIORS: 11.00AM      SENIORS:  1.00PM      WHEELCHAIRS :

JUNIOR KATA MIXED U.16 :                                                 SENIOR KATA LADIES
Beginner to 9th Kyu                                                                       Beginner to 4th.Kyu
 8th. Kyu to 6th. Kyu                                                                       3rd. Kyu and Above
5th. Kyu and Above                                                                     SENIOR KATA MEN
JUNIOR KUMITE UNDER12                                                      Beginner to 4th.Kyu  
KIHON IPON MIXED:                                                                 3rd.Kyu and Above                                                            
Beginner to 9th.Kyu                                                                      
8th.Kyu to 6th.Kyu                                                                         
5th.Kyu to Black Belt                                                                   SENIOR KUMITE LADIES
JUNIOR KUMITE U.16 GIRLS                                                  Up to 7th Kyu
Under 4’6” Up to Purple Belt                                                       Up to 4th. Kyu
Under 4’6” Brown & Black Belt                                                  Brown & Black
Over 4’6” Up to Purple Belt                                                        SENIOR KUMITE MEN
Over 4’6”  Brown and Black Belt                                                Up to 7th.Kyu
JUNIOR KUMITE U 16 BOYS                                                 Up to 4th. Kyu
Under 4’6” Up to Purple Belt                                                      Brown & Black
Under 4’6”  Brown & Black Belt                                                SENIOR TEAM KUMITE
Over 4’6”  Up to Purple Belt                                                      SENIOR TEAM KATA
Over 4’6”   Brown & Black Belt
UNDER 19 KATA MIXED;                                      Fee: Seniors €15  Juniors €10  Teams:€20
Beginner to 9th.Kyu                                                            Spectators: Adults €10   Children Free
8th.Kyu to 6th.Kyu                                                              N.B. Team Competitions will depend
5th Kyu to Black Belt.                                                        on the number of entries.
Under 19 KUMITE GIRLS                                       Fees include any number of Individual events.
Up to Purple Belt                                                         Gum Shields and White Mitts Compulsory
Brown & Black Belt.
UNDER 19 KUMITE BOYS;                                     Events may be added or dropped on the day
Up to Purple Belt
Brown & Black Belt                                                     Wheelchair Events will be decided on the day.

The 2nd and the most important for the club and the development of the students within the club is our club grading which we hope to hold in late may.(dates will be confirmed later).

We currently have 11 students training for their next grade,
3 Senior students going for their White Belt (12 kyu).
4 junior students going for their Orange Belts (11 kyu).
2 junior students going for their Orange with black stipe Belts (10 kyu).
2 Senior students going for their 1st purple & 2nd purple(5 kyu-4 kyu).

We are very focused on the Grading at the moment as what is learned in this busy time will always be remembered by the students who take the next step on their Karate Journey.

We have Finlay managed to get a second hall where we  have the flexibility to run extra classes before gradings and tournaments,also in the the near future we will be holding "kombaton class" Kombatan is a Filipino martial art  which differs from most in that it firstly teaches the student how to use and defend against weapons before using the open hand or weapon free attack or defence methods. Kombatan is based on self-defence techniques and their practicality, and weapons are used only as an extension of the hand.

We are a Club who prides it self on an excellent standard of Traditional Shotokan Karate - Do for all regardless of  Disabilities , age, gender or background!When you walk into the Dojo you are a student nothing more or  nothing less. 
So with the help of Sensei Power,Senpai Mulcathy and Senpai O'Dea we will bring "Dungarvan Karate Club" to even greater heights.