Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Sensei Returns

Last Wednesday saw another group of new students arrive at the Dojo,this is starting to be a bit of a trend!we have a full hall now more often than not but most are trying it for the first time.
We focused  on the basic Kihon and the applications so the newer students under-stand why the moves are carried out in this way.
Firstly we started with the downward block(Gedan Bari) in (Zenkutsu Dachi) Forward Stance 5 times going forward and 5 going back with a good Shout (Kiai) on the fifth, all techniques were carried out this way so the newer students didn't get confused with turning downward block( Mawate Gedan Bar).Then we carried out the main punching techniques = Lunge Punch (Oi Zuki) / Reverse Punch (Gyaku Zuki) /Knife Hand Strike (Shuto Uchi) all 5 forward and 5 back but with a stance change to (Kokutsu Dachi) Back Stance for the Knife hand block.

Second section was the basic blocks and again 5 forward and 5 back.
(Age Uke) Rising Block /(Soto Uke) Outside Block / (Uchi Ude Uke) Inside Block.

Third section we focused on was the Kicking techniques these were also carried out 5 forward turn and the same again all in (Zenkutsu Dachi) Forward Stance we started with (Mae Geri) Front Kick and then moved on to the more advanced kicks all in (Kiba Dachi) Horse Stance allot of  focus was placed on the stance it self as this is one of the more physicality demanding of all the stances.(Yoko Geri Kekomi ) Side Thrust Kick and (Yoko Geri Keagi ) Side Snap Kick but these kicks are 3 to your left and 3 to your right,their was a sigh of relief when we changed to some partner work to end the class.

You may ask why is the blog titled "The Sensei Returns" well the class was supervised by Sensei Tony Power    who had previously run the Dungarvan club for many years.Sensei Power took the class for the last 15 mins and made use work even harder than we had previously it was a great experience being taught by Sensei Power again after all these years.Dungarvan Karate club has produced many excellent karate-ka over the years and Sensei power has had a key role in this!

 It appears as if their is an angelic glow around us but this is steam from the last 15 Min's where Sensei Power (pictured above on left) pushed us hard.

From the start of April 2nd we will be training every Saturday morning from 11:30am-1:00pm and Wednesday  8:00pm - 9:10pm hope to see you their.
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

9th Dan Black belt comes to Fermoy

On the weekend of the 12th / 13th of march members of the Dungarvan Dojo traveled , firstly to the Cope Centre in Montenotte Cork where Sensei Toomey was holding a wheelchair Karate class over the past 6 weeks. Kato Sensei was taking the class on the morning of the 12th,the class consisted of basic blocks and counter attacks to the vital areas, as you would imagine when being attacked in a seated position your not going to try and reach up to strike someone in the face and especially so if you haven't the use of your legs!Most counter attacks were to the neck / midsection and the groin area.

Pictured above are the Adults and Children of the Cope Centre and in the middle Kato Sensei  9th Dan and Toomey Sensei 6th Dan and last but not least Sempai O'Dea.

The second half of the Saturday course began in Fermoy where kato sensei gave us a very interesting and dynamic 3 hours of training,the focus Saturdays  training was on counter an attacking before your attacker had completed their attack this i have to say is very difficult  but when practice continues it becomes more natural a feeling as the class moves on.When we had mastered the counter attack from punching/kicking and open hand techniques it was time for partner work this is an excellent form of training as you have no control of the other person any thing can and will happen all kinds of silly mistakes will happen, but this is all  part of learning karate-Do!The class ended with one of Kato Sensei own katas which is called
Kibaken Sandan this is a very challenging Kata as all katas are when their primary stance is kibadachi.

Sunday the big day?

Sunday was also an excellent day of training and study, we spent 1 hour working on two of the more difficult kicks in Shotokan the first was Mawashi Geri (Round House Kick) and Yoko Geri Kekomi (Side trust Kick) when  you think there was no stop and all from a natural position (Fudo Dachi) and all carried out slowly for an Hour we were all glad to have a change but the change was back to the Kibaken katas 3 in total.this was a very intense day of training under the Masters supervision.

You may ask why was Sunday so important as opposed to Saturday, well on the Sunday of most of Kato Sensei courses he holds a Black Belt grading which is held after the weekend training has completed.A Black Belt grading would have been training for the hole weekend and now had an hour or so to prove they had the ability to move on through the grades.
On this occasion it was Ben Kelly from the Tuam club who had to take the next step in his journey.
Here are some pictures from his grading.

and here is one of me???

Well done Ben.(Ben graded for his Second Dan and received his grade).

This is a picture of the Juniors who attended the March course in Fermoy.

The weekend as a hole was an excellent one people traveled from all over Ireland and Europe to attend Kato Sensei course in fermoy ,We are proud to be members of an organisation who actively encourage inclusion of people from all backgrounds and all physical and mental abilities we have to remember that when the masters of Shotokan-ryu developed their style it was for everyone and the only requirement was Spirit!


Thursday, March 10, 2011


Old faces and a lot of new Ones

The build up to training on a Wednesday is always rush rush make sure the nights print outs are done and check my little helper Louise is all geared up and ready to go, grab the bags and go!
Last night was even more rushed, received a call from Sempai Mulcathy saying something had come up and couldn't make it OK no problem then I received another call from a student saying he would be their OK so as it turned out I arrived to the club with 4 student and my self.

When I walked through the door 5 new students and one student with a badly broken leg who wished to continue his training from a seated position and some old faces greeted me. When you walk in to the Dojo you never know what will greet you when arrive.

We concentrated on kihon during last night’s session and allot of work from a standing position to accommodate our seated friend. It was a challenge but everyone was very happy with the nights training.

Mike receiving  his last grade from Sensei Toomey he will be taking his next grade in a wheelchair for his Yellow belt.

Louise doing a perfect front snap kick to the head in an open competition.

Thomas and Mark fighting in the IJKA Irish championships last year.welcome back T.

Sempai O'Dea and two members of the Douglas Karate team who recieved 3 place in the IJKA Irish championships ( mens team kumite).
Were all looking forward to training with Kato Sensei in Fermoy this weekend.
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Master is Coming


International Japan Karate Association Ireland
             Presents 2011 Spring Seminar

IJKA World Chief Instructor
Shihan S. Kato (9th Dan)

March 12th and 13th. 2011
Ken-Bu-Kan Dojo, Fermoy,Co. Cork.

Wheelchair Class
In Cope Centre Montonoty Cork

All Grades

All Grades
In Fermoy       2:00pm – 5:00pm
Instructors Class
All Grades

Dan Grading


1 Class
2 Classes

For further information on the course or accommodation contact: Brian,00353872500783

 Sensei Toomey 6th dan (as a young man??) Shihan S.Kato 9th  Dan who returns to Fermoy one again to share his knowledge of  Shotokan Karate-Do.