Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday training in Fermoy

Last Sunday some members of the Dungarvan club went to "Ken-Bu-Kan karate club in Fermoy" to train with the Irish chief instructor of the "IJKA", Sensei Toomey 6th Dan.
As usual we received a warm welcome from all!
There were clubs from Galway/Cork/Waterford in attendance for the advance Kata training session.

When you enter into the Dojo you can never be sure which of the many Kata Sensei Toomey will teach on any given Sunday it could be one of probably a 100?? So off we went we did a quick 10 min warm up (the easy bit) we spent the next hour or so being taught the Kata and when we had completed the Kata we were then told the name  "kakuyoku shodan" one of Asai Sensei Kata.
Another dynamic Kata the Dungarvan club will pass on to its students!

Fermoy: Where Instructors become students and students leave as Instructors.

See you this Wednesday, as always our door is always open to all. Osu